Wirewerks Certification

Wirewerks Certification

What our Wirewerks partnership means for you and your organization

Building a strong bond with Wirewerks has allowed us to offer comprehensive end-to-end solutions from one of the best in the industry.  Together with Wirewerks, we are able to develop and execute data cabling networks whether they be simple-and-quick installations or comprehensive multi-layered network cabling environments.

As a Wirewerks Certified Installer, we offer you the combined commitment and effort from both our teams.  Beyond their affordable and quality product lines, Wirewerks is available for support from inception to implementation of your data network.


Does your network require certification?

With Wirewerks, we have the capabilities and expertise to certify your network.  This investment will instill confidence in your network.  You'll receive a 25-Year warranty on product and parts as well as workmanship.

Wirewerks + National Fiber Link

Return on Investment

Cabling is the backbone of any commercial or industrial space. With a professional Wirewerks cable installation, you'll have confidence in your network's performance for years to come. Wirewerks offers products for today's requirements as well as future planning.

Unparalleled Performance

Wirewerks products are durable and rugged enough to install during construction as well as a finished building. Installed correctly, Wirewerks products will create a stable and efficient network that will deliver speed and reliability to all your peripheral devices.

People behind their Brand

National Fiber Link chose Wirewerks as our cabling supplier because their people care about our customers as much as we do. Their staff is always available to answer questions, find parts, and provide support when we need them to be there for you.

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