Fiber Cable Installation


A successful fiber optic cable installation requires experienced technicians who understand the delicate nature of the material, and the critical requirement of a quality installation

Fiber Optic Cable Installation


National Fiber Link is very well versed in fiber optic cable installation in any scenario, and we're looking forward to bidding on your next project.  Inside commercial facilities, our expert technicians will establish pathways and execute a quality installation.  We hold certification in Working at Heights as well as Elevated Work Platform.  We will work around your schedule, and maneuver around any facility obstruction to ensure a quality install.   For Outside Plant applications, we own multiple bucket trucks and utilize our mobile splice labs to execute a quality installation.

Once in place, National Fiber Link will meticulously label all cables, splice trays, and cabinets.  We provide detailed documentation of your fiber optic network, and as a result, you will have a clear map of your network schematic.

National Fiber Link is your #1 for a quality fiber optic cable installation because we establish a proper layout, utilize the proper mounting and strapping materials, and offer an unparalleled level of precision when handling cable.


Fiber Installation Experience

Aerial and underground fiber runs

Existing buildings and new construction sites

Highway traffic management systems (ATMS)

Greenhouse communication networks 

ISP Telco backbone panel installation

Our Approach


SERVICE AREA: Based in Southwestern Ontario, Canada, National Fiber Link has completed fiber optic cable installation across our region and in many parts of our province.  Therefore, we are equipped to complete any job almost anywhere.

INSTALLATION EXPERTISE: We ensure a successful fiber network installation by respecting constraints of the cable, because we understand the very delicate nature of the glass.  As a result, our qualified technicians use proper equipment and technique to complete every job.  In addition, we have experience in working inside, outside, at heights, and underground.  We respect plans and blueprints, and work within timelines and budget constraints.

AFTERCARE SPECIALISTS: Our expert technicians survey any fiber network and offer best in class fiber testing to document performance, and troubleshoot any issues.  At National Fiber Link, we understand the critical nature of your fiber network; therefore, we're the only call you need to make for troubleshooting and fiber repairs.

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