Fiber Optic Cabling

National Fiber Link specializes in fiber optic cabling and core fusion splicing.  Whether you require aerial or underground fiber in indoor or outdoor situations, we have in-field and mobile splice labs to execute your project on time and on budget.

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fiber optic cabling professionals

  • National Fiber Link fiber optic technicians are experienced and proficient in aerial fiber optic cabling as well as underground fiber cable installation.


  • We have the capabilities to conduct core fusion splicing from the field as well as our mobile splice labs; ensuring the most accurate splicing with the least splice loss.


  • National Fiber Link has the ability to detect fiber damage down to the meter, determine a solution, offer quality repair service, and get you back up and running.


  • OTDR testing calculates fiber length, attenuation and splice loss; at National Fiber Link we are able to test your fiber and provide detailed results on network health and performance.


  • Troubleshooting includes the ability to scope fiber optic connectors and provide diagnostic imaging of your network.  This process allows us to quickly assess an issue and focus on repair.


On Time

Our dedicated Fiber installers understand that our solution is oftentimes a critical albeit smaller component of a larger project. We respect contractor timelines and have a successful tack record of working within them on small as well as multi-million-dollar projects.

On Budget

We are fiber optic cabling specialists, and we understand exactly what materials and tasks are required in order to effectively complete any job. We offer the most comprehensive quotes available on the market which means there are no surprises on your invoice at the end of a project.

Max Performance

Maintain maximum performance with core fusion splicing. Core fusion splicing aligns fiber by the core. Other solutions align the fiber by the clad, resulting in higher splice loss. For a fiber optic network that continues to run at max performance, call us.


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