Fiber Network Layouts

Fiber Optic Network Layout Capabilities

National Fiber Link will work with you to plan the right fiber optic network for your organization

We will conduct a site review, work with you to develop a layout, and make fiber optic and ethernet recommendations.

Once the layout is established, our team will work efficiently to install your fiber network, test it's performance, and will remain a valuable contact for 24/7 emergency repairs.  National Fiber Link is pleased to offer professional services in Fiber Optic layout and planning for Outside Plant (OPS), Inside Plant (IPS), Cabinet Distribution (IDFs) and Fiber to the 'Variable' (FTTx) solutions.

Planning Your Fiber Optic Network

Inside Plant

National Fiber Link team will work with you to determine the appropriate fiber cable pathways and layout. Once determined, we will recommend splicing and storage locations for your organization. Whether your business is commercial or industrial, we have the experience to manage your inside plant fiber optic network.

Outside Plant

We have the capabilities to plan and execute a singlemode or multimode fiber optic network from hundreds of feet to thousands of meters away. We have the capability to plan for direct bury, pull through conduit, or run aerially on poles. Aside from the fiber optic cable route, we'll also plan splicing and termination locations.

Cabinet Distribution

When building Cabinet Distribution (or IDF), National Fiber Link will work with your IT team to ensure you have the correct fiber or fiber-copper combination for your technical equipment. Our expert technicians also account for media conversion prior to kickoff to ensure a smooth installation.

Fiber to the Variable

As Fiber to the Variable (FTTx) demand grows, so does our experience in delivering fiber to the node. Therefore, National Fiber Link has the capabilities to plan and execute your solution. We can manage a single location, or a 'zone' system with small switches and minimal patch cords.

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