Core Fusion Splicing


Core Fusion fiber optic splicing is the most accurate splicing method available on the market today

National Fiber Link has been fiber optic splicing with Core Fusion splicing since 2011.  We have the capabilities to conduct splicing in the field as well as in our mobile splice labs.  Our expert technicians have experience in both outside and inside plant fiber optic networks.

By offering Core Fusion fiber optic splicing, we eliminate the expense and risks associated with pre-terminated cable.  Most importantly, core fusion splicing allows your network to run at max performance.



Core Fusion splicing is a delicate procedure - as it aligns the glass at the core, as opposed to the clad.  Our technicians are equipped with the latest technology and equipment to ensure your cable is spliced with minimal performance loss.

As with all projects we complete, National Fiber Link will install your splice trays and enclosures properly.  Neatness and precise labeling are the finishing touches in fiber optic splicing you should expect when contracting us to install and splice your fiber.

Because of our expertise in Core Fusion splicing, we are confident in our abilities to repair or extend your network, saving you money and significant downtime at your facility.  Contact National Fiber Link to set up a site review free of charge.

Why Choose Us

  • Core fusion splicing ensures the lowest splice loss.  Our splicing method aligns the core, where other methods align the clad when fiber optic splicing.
  • Core fusion splicing also provides the strongest and most reliable joint between two fibers.  It's more flexible, and less sensitive to variations in the cable.
  • Outside Plant splicing occurs in our Mobile Splice Labs - where available.  This ensures a clean and controlled fiber optic splicing environment.
  • Core fusion splicing allow us to install cables to length, eliminating the expense of unnecessary excess cable.

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