Build a Server Rack

Building out a Server Rack

Maximize the performance of your entire network with an organized IT rack and server room

Contract the expert team at National Fiber Link to build a server rack.  Our team will conduct an assessment of your current networking equipment and lay out a server rack solution that will fit your business today, with room to grow in the future.

A well assembled IT rack will increase efficiency in productivity, and will serve as device preservation and protection.  Your equipment will be securely mounted, properly labeled, and all cables will be neatly tucked away.

National Fiber Link will source, supply, and construct a rack or enclosed cabinet to suit your business needs.  We will work with your IT team to ensure your rack houses all equipment your organization requires today, with considerations for future use.

Benefits of a properly constructed IT Rack

  • PRODUCTIVITY: When you need to add equipment, upgrade or address an issue, you or your IT service provider will know exactly which cables run your network - drastically reducing troubleshooting and down time.
  • PROTECTION: A well built rack is also an organized one.  Our assembly will protect your staff as well as your IT service provider from tripping hazards in your IT room.  Neatly organized cables will protect your investment too! You are less likely to pull or break cables or need to replace costly adapters when they're properly secured.

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