The Backbone of Your Network

Fiber Optic + Network Cabling

We specialize in all network cabling layout, installation, and server rack builds.

Network Cabling Layout

network cabling layout map

Building Your Network

When you are planning an expansion or a new build, consider all data connections.

We work with many contractors, engineers, information technology firms, and consultants to plan network cabling layouts. National Fiber Link will take extra care to ensure your plan includes cable connections for the services your business requires; security devices, IT services, VoIP phones, digital signage, and more.


fiber optic cabling tray

Fiber Runs, Splicing, and Testing

We conduct fiber optic cabling using best in class equipment and testing devices.

We specialize in fiber optic cable installation and core fusion splicing; the most accurate fiber optic splicing method on the market. Whether you require indoor or outdoor cabling, we can handle your project. We are equipped with mobile splice labs, and can service both aerial and underground fiber locations.


network cabling

Everything from Rack to Jack

Adding devices and running out of data ports? We'll add lines wherever you need them.

As dependence on technology and gadgets continue to change the way you do business, your dependency on quality network cabling, connections, and data ports will also increase. As Wirewerks Certified Installers, we will install, label, tone, manage, and upgrade your network cabling to suit your requirements.


network cabling server rack

Increased Protection & Productivity

Maximize the performance of your entire network with an organized IT Rack and Server Room.

A well-built rack is also an organized one. A quality rack rebuild will virtually eliminate tripping hazards, and protect the cables and vital network equipment inside your IT room. An organized rack will also drastically reduce time required to locate cables and patch cords, maximizing productivity and making your IT team much more efficient.

Network Installations by the Numbers

feet of cable installed
server rack transformations
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Network Cabling Experts

Our team will complete a walk-through of your existing location, or review site plans with you.

With zero cost or obligation, National Fiber Link will conduct a full review of your new location or expansion blueprints, and ensure all your Fiber Optic and Network Cabling requirements are considered.  We will work with you and your technical team to map out termination  and IDF/distribution cabinet locations.  Our team will also consider all environmental elements such as temperature and debris, and recommend the appropriate cabling and server rack equipment to suit your business environment.

We meticulously consider network cabling requirements for all your devices, locate nearly invisible pathways, and install clearly defined and labeled cable lines.

National Fiber Link will lay out and develop numbering schematics or colour coded cable and jacks to effectively manage your network cabling.  Grouping network cables by device will allow you to easily identify cables for IT equipment, security equipment, telephone communications, digital screens, and any other Ethernet devices required to run your business.  This level of planning allows you to effectively segregate and manage multiple device networks throughout the backbone of your facility.  This level of detail in the planning stages will dramatically reduce the amount of time spent troubleshooting down the road.

We are the only fiber and network cabling specialists in Southwestern Ontario.

While there are a number of respectable firms that install cabling as an extension of their core business, National Fiber Link is the only Fiber Optic and Network Cabling expert in the region.  We specialize in commercial and industrial cabling both inside and outdoors.  Fiber and Network Cabling planning, installation, testing, troubleshooting, and server rack and cabinet builds are all we do.  Cabling is the backbone of your network; your network is the backbone of your business.  Your business needs an expert in Fiber and Ethernet network cabling.

Partnering with Device Experts

Looking for device experts to add to our referral tree.

When our clients bring us in to review plans for a move or expansion, they are often at the construction and/or planning phase.  We discuss all potential devices that may need ethernet or fiber optic cabling.  National Fiber Link will review all potential Ethernet-required device drops.  This comprehensive review ensures our clients have all network cabling in place they'll need for immediate and future device deployments.  Because of our macro approach and full scope recommendations, we often recommend cabling for devices our client hasn't even considered yet; devices such a as access points, digital screens, security cameras, and so much more.  Naturally, what occurs next is our customers lean on us to recommend quality, reliable solution providers.   Are we describing you and your business offering? We are always looking for device experts to add to our referral tree.  Contact Us today so we can get to know you!

Partnering with Contractors

 Construction projects move along with organized chaos.  We work well in this environment.

National Fiber Link has completed many commercial and industrial construction projects from the GTA down through Southwestern Ontario.  We work with multi-trade contractors as well as subcontractors to complete Fiber Optic and Ethernet portions of the larger project.  Our team has experience working in many conditions, within tight deadlines, completing our portion of the project on time and on budget.  We have plenty of experience working on construction sites for commercial properties as well as roadside development with the MTO.   Get in touch with us today to add us to your subcontractor bid list for all your telecommunication cabling projects.

Book site assessment

Planning a build? A move? Expanding and need new data ports? We are happy to conduct a site review and provide recommendations.

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