Tone and Test Services

Data Cable Tone and Test Services

Measure the health of your ethernet network with our tone and test services

When your network and technology peripherals aren't firing on all cylinders, begin your investigation at the network backbone.  Intermittent slowdowns and failures can slow your business to a crawl.  Our expert technicians will tone and test your network to diagnose cables that are under-performing.  Quite often, there's an 'easy fix' and our team has the equipment and capabilities necessary to make network cabling repairs on-site.

National Fiber Link has extensive experience in network cable toning and testing to measure the performance of your existing cables.  If you your network includes Ethernet lines that are unidentified, our toning capabilities will trace out unmarked cable and empower you to leverage the cables already running within your walls.

What will tone and test accomplish?

Simulate actual network traffic

Determine distance-to-fault, pinpointing breaks in your cable

Determine and validate power over ethernet (POE) voltage

Identify network configuration and connectivity issues through multiple methods 

Provide network strength and health reports

Tone and Test my Network

Know exactly how your data cable network is performing