Cable Retermination

Cable Retermination

Maintenance on your existing network cables to extend the life of your network

In many instances, reterminating your existing network cables is all that's required to boost your network's performance.  Other times, such as a rack rebuild, retermination is required as part of a larger project.

National Fiber Link has the professional expertise to reterminate your existing network cables, whether it's part of a small repair or a large project.

Retermination Scenarios

Rack Relocation

Relocating your IT rack? Terminating into new jacks will mitigate the risk of using damaged cables when relocating and reinstalling your patch panels.


Need to make a repair to your existing network? Take this time to also test and replace 'bad' jacks that are affecting the performance of your overall network.

Jack Relocation

Re-arranging your office space? Keep your space clear of unnecessary patch cords and cables and relocate your data jacks to exactly where you need them.

Retermination Support

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