Fiber Testing

OTDR Testing

We use cutting edge equipment to test fiber whether it's a few feet or a hundred kilometers apart. OTDR testing is the most accurate, reliable, and efficient testing and reporting method for fiber optic cable networks

When your network is underperforming - or worse - failing, it is critical to find the source of the problem so you can quickly move to resolution.  National Fiber Link offers OTDR testing, which has the ability to determine damages and failure points along your fiber optic network, often pinpointing the issue location right down to the meter.

Value of OTDR Testing

Because of our OTDR equipment and expertise with the tester, we have the unique ability to quickly empower our customers with answers.  Understanding the issues within your network allow you to spend more time focusing on finding and implementing a solution.  Of course, if your network is in need of replacing or repair, National Fiber Link has the capabilities to assist you in executing your fiber network plan of action.

After hours issue? No problem! Call National Fiber Link 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for emergency fiber optic testing and repair services.

Empowering Technicians in the Field

When your network is under-performing, damaged, or failing, call National Fiber Link. Our expert technicians operate with high quality OTDR testing equipment. This powerful fiber optic testing equipment allows them to scope your fiber network, identify issue locations down to the meter, diagnose the problem, and provide reports right on site.

Save Time

Our testing equipment quickly detects issues such as high splice loss and damaged fiber. Efficient issue diagnosis means our technicians will spend time fixing the problem - not finding it.

Pinpoint Accuracy

OTDR testing allows us to quickly locate the issue. Our qualified field technicians locate compromised fiber down to the meter, so our technicians can efficiently repair your network.

Detailed Reporting

The most critical piece is the reporting that comes from our OTDR testing. This allows you to keep a record of your entire mapped fiber network, including splice and termination locations.

OTDR Fiber Network Testing

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