Pre-wiring and Re-wiring

Pre-Wiring and Re-Wiring Capabilities

Whether you're building from the ground-up or you're retrofitting your location, National Fiber Link will install a comprehensive cabling system as the backbone of your network

Our team will conduct a site assessment, work with you to develop a cable pathway layout, and recommend appropriate cabling for your requirements.  We will work with you, your contractors, your IT team, your security provider, and even your ISP.

At National Fiber Link, we take pride in reviewing your entire site; considering all business requirements.  We offer a comprehensive cable network solution that will serve your organization today and into the future.

Our Approach

Needs Assessment

We consider your entire business' cabling needs such as: Data, Voice, Security Cameras, Alarms, and Digital Signage. These peripherals can be installed now, or cabling can be hidden and coiled in a safe location for ease of additions in the future.

Cable Requirements

We will determine whether your business requires CAT5e, CAT6, CAT6a (or above) cabling to effectively manage your data. Considering the building codes and application of the cabling, we'll recommend standard, plenum, shielded, and/or outdoor cabling.

Pathway Selection

Establishing cable pathways is equally important as cable selection. Our expert technicians will ensure your cables are safely away from electrical and water paths, and securely in place to eliminate the risk of breaks or burns in the cable during installation.


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